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Recent ‘home made’ innovation lists
21 ways to learn from failures
15 illustrated brainstorm tips
21 ways for eco-innovation
15 types of innovation
21 ways for cross industry innovation
9 creativity principles by inspiring movies on kids’ imagination
717 ways for product innovation: for innovators ”with a lot of patience” and a sense for a systematic approach
Make eating more fun for kids: 12 tips … 

Innovation tools
77 innovation words / prefixes  (zie ook Wikipedia: all pages with prefix)
INNOWIZ: an innovation method and an evolving creativity tool database.
37 ways of innovation
The inventions rule: technology by the meter
40 TRIZ principes als inspiratiebron voor nieuwe productideeën
10 types of innovation (Doblin)
Forth innovation method
Crowdsourcing / Open innovation
Business Model Cocktails
Function Database

Inspiration tools
Moodstream (inspiration by mood)
Idea Generator
Eyewire Creativity Cards
Mood Board search engine
Search inspiration by color
Visual thesaurus !
100 whats of creativity
Retrievr lets you search and explore in a selection of Flickrimages by drawing a rough sketch.
GPS Brainstorming Kit (FlandersDC)

iPad tools
IDEO Method Cards
Idea Stimulator
Creative Whack Pack App
Mindmapping Apps  

Advanced search tools
More Inspiration advanced search
Twitter advanced search
Google advanced search
MetaCrawler: search the search engines

Cross industry inspiration articles
Cross-industry CoLabs eat SWOT analysis for lunch
Nieuwe verbindingen
The New Polymath
Cross-Industry Innovation als neuer Trend im Innovationsmanagement
Gewoon Geniaal !  Hoe 100 uitvinders op een schitterend idee kwamen.

Nice overviews
100 + examples of Guerrilla Marketing
Another 100 examples of Guerrilla Marketing
KS Café van Kessels & Smit: boordevol mooie inspiratie
The 20 most viral ads of 2012 (so far)

Trends in innovation
Lessons learned by Koen en Bart na het World Creativity Forum 2011
De vier innovatietrends van 2011 (nr. 4 Crossover innovation)
Mckinsey Quarterly outlines the top 10 innovation trends in business

Historywathing: inspiration from the past
Picture book for our children who try to understand how their parents survived without internet.
Paleofuture: a blog that documents historical ideas, visions, and predictions about the future
Retrofuture: the Best of the Past Saved for the Future
BBC: I love the years …
Innovation Timeline 1900 – 2050