The world before internet: picture book for our children who try to understand how we survived

1. This was our Google

Wikipedia on Library

2. How to write without Pages or Word?

Wikipedia on Typewriter

3. This was our Facebook

Wikipedia on Friendship book 

4. This was our beamer.

Wikipedia on Slide projector

5. How to chat without Skype, Windows Live or Faceook chat?

Wikipedia on bar or café

6. Our Garmin or TomTom device

Foldable road map

7. This was our iTunes Store.

Wikipedia on Vinyl Record

8. How to send a mail without internet?

Wikipedia on Post Box

9. How to spam without internet?

“A typical chain letter consists of a message that attempts to convince the recipient to make a number of copies of the letter and then pass them on to as many recipients as possible. Common methods used in chain letters include emotionally manipulative stories, get-rich-quickly pyramid schemes, and the exploitation of superstition to threaten the recipient with bad luck or even physical violence or death if he or she “breaks the chain” and refuses to adhere to the conditions set out in the letter. Chain letters started as actual letters that one received in the mail.” Wikipedia 

10. How to record our favorite TV shows?

Wikipedia on Videocassette recorder

11. How to organize files on your computer?

Wikipedia on MS-Dos

12. Our missed calls machine

Wikipedia on Answering machine 

13. Networking before Linkedin

Wikipedia on Rolodex

14. eBay before  internet.

Wikipedia on Jumble Sale

15. Our smartphone in the seventies

Marc Heleven

PS My first computer with a memory of 64 K (equals one low resolution image)

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